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The warranty for your Waterfall Euro Door is 3 years from the date of installation, on all covered parts and labor. If, during that period of time, there is any trouble with the hardware, installation, or functionality of the shower enclosure, Waterfall Euro Doors will either repair or replace the problem part, at our discretion.

The warranty will be void if any harsh chemicals or products have been used to care for the shower enclosure and the hardware becomes discolored or the glass becomes etched, as determined by our warranty department. To ensure the warranty stays in effect, you must follow our cleaning instructions

If you have any warranty issues, please contact your dealer. They will inform Waterfall Euro Doors, and a service call will be scheduled.

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Caring for your ClearShield Protected Shower Glass

For best results and to maximize the performance of your ClearShield-protected Shower Glass, rinse with water and squeegee dry after each use. Then clean your shower glass every 2-3 weeks with AfterCare for Shower Glass. AfterCare offers optimum-cleaning benefits, maximizes the long life protection of ClearShield, includes an anti-bacterial formula and leaves a clean, fresh scent.

AfterCare is also safe to use on all shower framework and hardware.

In hard water areas, it is recommended that AfterCare for Shower Glass be used weekly or as required. Also use of our Limescale Remover is recommended for more stubborn spots.

DO NOT USE any abrasive scouring powders or pads, highly acidic / alkaline cleaners or sharp instruments to clean your ClearShield Shower Glass. These can permanently damage the glass.

Glass Cleaners like Windex and Glass Plus, will not harm ClearShield Glass, although they are unnecessarily strong. Never use commercial strength cleaners or products such as Lime Away or CLR on ClearShield Glass.

In addition to AfterCare, an effective and inexpensive glass cleaner that will not harm ClearShield Glass is a simple mixture of 80% water and 20% vinegar. Place mixture in a spray bottle, apply to glass and wipe clean.

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